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Fairhope, Alabama, with its scenic surroundings and Southern charm, offers a wealth of team building activities to suit all tastes and interests. Whether you’re looking to engage in outdoor adventures, unleash your creativity, or indulge in delicious local cuisine, this vibrant town has something for everyone. Let’s explore the top 10 team building activities that will bring your group closer together in Fairhope.

Eastern Shore Art Center Art Class

Unleash your inner artist at an art class offered by the Eastern Shore Art Center. This creative experience allows team members to collaborate, learn new skills, and express themselves in a supportive and friendly environment.

Taste of Fairhope Food Tour

Experience the delicious flavors of Fairhope with the Taste of Fairhope Food Tour, a culinary adventure designed to bring your team closer together. Sample the best dishes in town from local restaurants, cafes, and gourmet shops while learning about the history and culture of this charming Southern town. This guided walking tour encourages conversation and camaraderie as your group savors a variety of delightful cuisine. Beyond just satisfying your taste buds, the Taste of Fairhope Food Tour will create a shared experience that will leave a lasting impression on your team, book your experience today!


Private Cooking Classes with Wildflowers and Fresh Food

Elevate your team-building experience with a private cooking class hosted by Wildflowers and Fresh Food. Choose a date and time that suits your group, and join the class at a professional venue boasting stunning views. These engaging workshops are designed to promote employee wellbeing, work-life balance, and productivity by bringing your team together to cook a healthy and delicious meal. As you chop, chat, and collaborate, your team will discover newfound joy and connectivity that will boost their overall performance and create cherished memories.

Happy Hour at the Grand Hotel

Unwind and connect with your team at the iconic Grand Hotel, known for its luxurious setting and stunning waterfront views. Enjoy Happy Hour at Bucky’s Lounge, where you can savor expertly crafted cocktails, a fine selection of beers, and delicious appetizers. Don’t miss the daily tradition of the cannon firing, signaling the beginning of a magical sunset over Mobile Bay.

Kiln Studio Pottery Classes

The Kiln Studio offers a relaxing and creative pottery class experience, where you can immerse yourself in a supportive clay community. With a class fee of $225, you’ll receive instruction, 25 pounds of clay, use of studio tools, studio glazes, and two firings. Simply bring a towel and apron, and get ready to bond with your team over a fun pottery session.

Fairhope Brewing Company Tour

Enjoy a behind-the-scenes tour of the Fairhope Brewing Company every Friday at noon with a reservation. Limited to 15 people, the $15 fee includes the tour, a logo pint glass, and a beer. Learn about the brewery’s history, recent developments, and get an up-close look at their 60-barrel brewing system and canning line.

Golf and Shop

For a laid-back team building day, why not split the group based on interests? Men can hit the greens and play a round of golf at Rock Creek Golf Club or the Lakewood Club in Point Clear, while women indulge in some retail therapy at downtown Fairhope’s charming boutiques.

Theatre 98

Experience a memorable evening together by attending a performance at Theatre 98. This intimate community theatre showcases local talent in a variety of productions, providing a perfect opportunity for your team to bond over a shared cultural experience.

Oak Hollow Farm Horseback Riding

Discover the natural beauty of Fairhope on horseback with a group ride at Oak Hollow Farm. This unique team building activity allows participants to unwind and connect with each other as they explore picturesque trails and lush scenery.

Point Clear Fishing Adventures

Embark on an exciting fishing adventure with Point Clear Fishing Adventures. This team building activity encourages cooperation and communication as you work together to reel in the catch of the day.