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by: Chris Andrews 

Fairhope is a city full of iconic dishes that reflects the city’s history and character. Located on the shores of beautiful Mobile Bay, come see why people from all over the country are flocking to Fairhope to relish the delicious food scene! Here are 15 MUST HAVE dishes in Fairhope, Alabama!


a plate of food

Panini Pete’s

Nestled inside the French Quarter of Fairhope is the landmark Panini Pete’s restaurant. Serving some of the best sandwiches, burgers, and panini’s you’ll have, they also have their signature beignets! Don’t forget to squeeze the lemon!

Bill E’s Small Batch Bacon
Bill E’s

Bill E’s is a meat-lovers dream. The process used shows the attention to detail that produces some of the most tender, sweet, and savory flavored bacon in the country. Get a BLT, chicken sandwich, burger, or shrimp – all served with Bill E’s bacon!

Fairhope Float
Mr. Gene’s Beans

The signature drink of Fairhope! The Fairhope Float is a beautiful combination of frozen yogurt, cappuccino, whipped cream, and chocolate sprinkle. The lines are usually long for this drink and you’ll see why.

Roasted Corn and Tomato Bisque
Bay Breeze Cafe

Don’t let the “Almost Famous” Roasted Corn and Tomato Bisque fool you, it’s famous! It’s the most popular soup in all of Fairhope and for good reason. Don’t forget to top it with the blue cheese crumbles! It will be your new favorite soup!

a plate of food on a table
West Indies Avocado Toast

Provision’s 21st century twist on this Gulf Coast staple is can’t miss! Served on a sliced baguette and topped with crab meat and onions, it’s the perfect dish to enjoy in “Fairhope’s Living Room”.

Cowboy Sushi
Rae’s Kitchen

Rae’s Kitchen has a great selection of sandwiches, wraps, soups, and salads along with a large selection of grab-n-go menu items. One of those is the Cowboy Sushi. Served with ham, homemade pickled okra, and herbed cream cheese. It’s a must have in Fairhope!

a sandwich sitting on top of a wooden table

Turnip Fries

Dragonfly Foodbar is known for their unique tacos but the best selling item on the menu is the Turnip Fries! Lightly fried in a Japanese tempura batter and served with a miso ketchup, these are a must try!

Thyme Burger
Thyme on Section

The Thyme Burger is an unforgettable burger! It features a hand seasoned patty, goat cheese, mushroom, arugula, tomato, red onion, truffle aioli, on a toasted bun. No doubt, this burger is one the very best you’ll ever eat.

a bowl of food on a plate

Southern Breakfast Bowl
Warehouse Bakery

We can all agree that breakfast is just better with collard greens and fried okra! The Southern Breakfast Bowl serves that along with cheese grits, eggs, and topped with a Creole tomato sauce. It’s a great way to start your day!

Mushroom Toast
The Hope Farm

The Hope Farm is a farm to table restaurant with an on-site garden that supplies the restaurant with fresh vegetables. One of those is the variety of mushrooms grown on the farm and served on the Mushroom Toast. Combined with with Swallow Tail tomme, fondue, basil, and pickled shallot, it’s as local as you can eat in Fairhope!

a piece of food

Fairhope Chocolate

There are so many things that we could list from Fairhope Chocolate – croissants, Neuhaus Chocolate,  gelato, sourdough breads, and more! However, don’t leave without a bite of their praline. Made from scratch using homemade butter, sugar, and local Baldwin County pecans. It’s the best praline in Fairhope and maybe along the Gulf Coast! (Yes, we said it!)

Fresh Fish
Red or White

Red or White is so much more than just a wine bar. If you see an entree of fish on the menu, get it, because you know it’s fresh off the boat – literally! Their fresh catch like tuna or swordfish, is sourced from Fairhope Fish House straight from our local waters. This takes “eating local” to a whole new level.

a bowl of food on a plate

Grilled Filet of Beef
Camellia Cafe

One of the best fine dining experiences you’ll have is found at Camellia Cafe in Fairhope. Chef Ryan and his team are always spot on and the Grilled Filet of Beef is a big reason why. Served alongside mashed potatoes, spinach, poached egg, truffle oil, parmesan, bordelaise, it’s one of the best meals in Fairhope!

Eastern Shore Bouillabaisse
Sunset Pointe

Along with the best views on the Eastern Shore, the food at Sunset Pointe is some or the best too. The Eastern Shore Bouillabaisse features fresh shell fish, gulf shrimp, gulf fish, leeks, fennel, red and green tomato, white wine seafood broth, crusty bread all combined into one amazing bowl of local seafood goodness!


a half eaten sandwich on a plate

Master Joe’s

Everyone knows the best sushi in Baldwin County resides at Master Joe’s. They’ve been local in Fairhope since 2009. Joe was trained in Japan but uses local ingredients. The chef specials are a must try but you can’t go wrong with any selection of their sushi at Master Joe’s!