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By: Christina Quick, Wine Director at Provision

Purchasing, ordering and even tasting wine can be intimidating. It often proves to deter a truly interested person from taking that leap. I get it, I was there once too. Below are some tips and tricks to feel more confident when purchasing and ordering wine.


1. Visit reputable wine shops and build a relationship with the wine director.


I highly recommend taking the time to visit your local wine shop rather than grab that go-to bottle on the grocery store shelf. That go-to bottle serves a great purpose but I am a huge proponent of stepping outside of your box when it comes to trying new wines. That’s why it is so important to build a relationship with a local wine expert. At Provision, I love to get to know our guests, learn about their favorite go-to wines and recommend a few bottles that would compliment their palate. Lastly, and most importantly, grocery stores are filled with mass produced wines made with powders, commercial yeasts and other synthetic materials to create that same taste each time. Well-crafted wines, like those available at most smaller wine shops, actually reflect the soil, climate and vintage of a specific wine.


2. Keep an eye out for tasting events in your local area.


Fairhope is filled with so many wonderful wine shops, bars and restaurants that host regular wine tastings and even wine dinner events. I recommend asking to be added to any email list or newsletter as well as follow your favorite spots on Instagram and Facebook. A few of my favorite spots to keep an eye out for tasting and dinner events are: Provision, Hope Farm, Red or White and La Martina.


3. Learn what you like and do not like.


Did that wine you just tried make you happy? Did you not like it? Start tracking what your favorite wines and wine styles are. The easiest way to do this is by using the Vivino wine app or purchasing a wine journal. You can create a profile and then take pictures of the wine and then rate the wine and even make your own notes. As you begin tracking your favorites, you will begin to notice what your palate prefers.


4. At a restaurant, ask to speak to the beverage director.


If you are dining at a Fairhope restaurant and the wine list is intimidating, I highly recommend asking to speak to the beverage director. Once you begin tracking your favorites on the Vivino app, (right? 😊 ) you can easily tell the director what you enjoy and he/she would be more than happy to recommend a few bottles. Trust me, we LOVE being asked questions. Helping connect a guest to a great bottle of wine is our favorite thing to do.


5. Join a wine club.


I personally curate wines for the Provision Wine Club each month. With three options available, you would have the opportunity to practice tasting and learning about wines you most likely would never have purchased on your own each month. These wines are all well-crafted and unique. For more information, check out Provision’s Wine Club to learn more.


When all is said and done, wine is meant to be enjoyed with friends and family. I truly hope these tips will help you begin or continue your journey in discovering well-crafted wines.


Christina Quick

Wine Director, Provision
IG: @bamawinemomma